Is doing a video game school.
Most of the time, student won't become indie. They join big society.
Being an indie is really fun, but rarely enough to make a living.

The French schools:
- ENJMIN : On Angoulême
Free school
Entrance at Bac +3
Formations: manager, programmer, graphic, game designer, sound designer, ergonomist
Focus on team work : a mini project the first year (3 peoples for 3 months)
A big project the 2nd year (9 peoples for 6 months)
Few studies, the school is based on the self-learning in the project.

- Créajeux
Paying school.
Entrance at BAC / Bac + 2
Formations: programmer, 3D modeler, 3D animator, or tester (in 2 months) or prépa (for people without the bac)

-Supinfogame : On paris
Paying school.
Entrance at?
More focused on team management

- ISART Digital: On Paris

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