A people who master at least one of the specialties.
Has some partner who can help him to finish his project.
Already done some finished games.
Sales or want to sales some of his game.
Most of the time he isn't know and don't have money.
The master knows how to make a game. Now he must learn to sell it.


Adapted tool:
- WordPress : Tool to create website
I've never used it.

- E-monsite : Tool to create website
Less open than WordPress, but easier to handle
Free version

- Some good website:
Gamasutra : The art and business of making video game
IndieDB : great site to show your game
DIYGamer : news of the indie world


Platforms that can be used:

- XBLIG : sell indie game for XBOX 360
(Cost 99 $ a year and need an XBOX 360)
Language used : C# + XNA
All the game are accepted
Playtest and review done by the community.
Price of the games 1 / 3 /5 $

- Steam : sell big game and indie game on PC
Languages: I guess all are ok.
Only the best indie games are accepted
I don't have this information.
They choose the price (fait price)

- Online flash game: (kongregate, armorGames, newgrounds ...)
Languages: action script / unity / …
All the game are accepted
I don't have this information
Paid in function of the play’s number; you can be sponsored.

- Facebook:
I don't have any information

- IPhone/ Android games:
I don't have any information

If you have more information, I will be happy to share them.

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