Someone with basic knowledge (worked for a mod, programming, graphic, sound Design...)
but who hasn't finished a single real project.
Minimum knowledge: one of the skills above.

Useful tool:
- RPG Maker: allow to create RPG.
This time the aim is not to build an RPGMaker game, but to add your touch.
(Remaking some graphics, some music, some script or changing the game mechanism)
Free demo

-Paint.net: drawing tool for pixel art
Free tool 

-Gimp: drawing tool for vector art
Free demo

- Audacity: Editing tool for music
Free tool

- Virtual Dub: tool to edit video.
Free tool
Work well with audacity to make video with music

-Flash: tool/engine to make movie or game.
Never use it, so I don't have more information.

- Unity : Popular game engine
Basic version (free)

- Visual studio C# express: Programming tool
C# is easier than other programming languages to handle. Especially used with à XNA.
Free tool
Some useful website site du zéro devellopez.com

- XNA: video game libraries.
Give helpful functions (controls, save management, drawing...)
Free librairiy
Some tutorial

I you have more information.
Just write it in the comments, I will update.

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