PC Games

Guild wars
An online role playing game.
Main point: the overall feeling, the community, the private fighting zone, no monthly fee, resetting competence point.
I recommend starting with "prophetie"
Free trial

Age of empires 2

The reference in strategy game.
Main point: kingdom building, economy management, the wars, different civilizations (naval, defensive...), several kind of victory, a map generator, the multiplayer mode.


An action adventure game
Main point: the fantastic universe
10 years later, this game is still a reference
Demo, buy it
Some action in the video at 5.00.


Civilization 4
A strategy game where you manage a civilization from prehistory to modern age.
Main point: city management, technology research, influence, diplomacy, wars.
Demo, buy it

Battlefield 1942
A team based FPS.
Main point: multiplayer (64), bots, team play.
It's fun for beginner and for experienced gamer.
Perfect for coop gaming.

Diablo / diablo 2
Role playing game in a dark atmosphere.
Main point: map generation, multiplayer, rare object gathering, crafting.
Diablo 1 has a stronger atmosphere.
Diablo 2 is prettier and has a better multi.
Diablo 2 is still played 10 years later.


Serious Sam
A non-serious shooter
Main point : immediate fun, cooperation, shiny graphics.
Even better in coop.
Demo, Buy it


Europa Universalis IV
A grand strategy game, control every aspect of your nation (economy, diplomaty, religion, war...) for 400 years.
Nearly all of the coutry of the world are in...
Demo, buy it

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