Sound design is an important aspect of a game, but it’s often done in the rush.
When it’s correctly done, it’s possible to make a good and original audio with little work for the programmer.
Example with one my student project:



‘Aube et crépuscule’ is a strategy game where light and shadow fight. The game is composed of 8 music, there are can be played together. In the game, 4 music are always played.
Without details, the music and their volume are chose based on our type and on the plants surrounding us.

It take me 2 days (out of 6 months) to make it work and to make the sound designer happy.
The result is a procedural music that is never repetitive with a great immersion.
(The sound designer was really good, so the result is great)

If one day I must choose between a great graphic and a great sound designer, I’ll choose the last. As great sound design is rare, the game will more easily be noticed.
Here my youtube channel with some of my favorite video game music.

And you, what’s your favorite game music?

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