Playing with a 'non-player'

To play with a non-player, we must carefully choose the game and the way to play.
There is two ways to play:
- Competitive: We must crush the opponent
- Cooperation: We must help the other to win
A lot of game have the two aspect (Team Fortress 2, Battlefield 1942, Age of Empire).

These two ways unlock distinct way of playing:
- Competitive, you must be the best => new players are slaughtered => not fun for a non-player (and maybe hate for this game)
- Cooperation, the alliance must survive => Good player help the new one, and even train them => non-player level increase.
In short, if you want to play with a non-player, choose a cooperation game.

How to make a cooperation and competitive game more interesting for a non-player?
Example with ‘Battlefield 1942’
- Be in the same alliance
- Increase the bot number => less pressure on the non-player
- Play with him and protect him, even if you lose the game.
It’s also a new way to play for the experienced player, it can be really fun

I try to make my games playable for everybody (you, your mother, your girlfriend…) so they all have:
- A cooperation mode (or alliance setting)
- all public graphics (not bloody, not abstract)
- Easy to take in hand.
I’m really proud when I see players and non-player playing together one of my games.
(Done with ‘Pioneerz’ and ‘Dark Seal’)

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