Do a PacMan

Creating a game is a common dream, but few people are doing it.
A MMO, a RPG, a RTS, it can’t be done like that.
(My first project was never finished, it was a bubble bobble. It was too hard for me)

So I’ve search for the perfect project to begin: Pac-Man
I know it’s not sexy, so why doing it?

1) Pac-Man is easy to do:
- It’s based on: moving, eating dots chase/flee the ghosts.
- The interacting elements are simple: Ghost, walls and dots.
- The comportment of the elements is easy to understand.
- It can be done alone

2) Pac-Man show most of video game problems :
- Data management (I eat the dots but so does the ghosts)
- Drawing (I’ve forget the transparency, we can’t see anything)
- Controls (Pac-man is so hard to move that I keep hurting the wall)
- AI (The ghosts are so stupid that the game isn’t fun)
- Music and sound

3)  Pac-Man is easy to extend, you can add features of your dream’s game :
- Multi-player game via network
- Addition of dialog and cinematic
- Better graphics
- 3D game
- Random map generation
- …

4)  When it’s done, you’ll have:
- A better understanding of your limit
- A better credibility for searching co-worker.
- More confidence in your capacity.

In short, everyone must do a Pac-man, be proud of it and show it.
Only later you should talk about your dream project.
(This advice is also true for professional who just start as an indie)
If you’ve made a Pac-man, show it in the comments!


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