Age OF Fantasy 0.5

The new version of my RTS engine, named "Age of Fantasy"
here's the engine:
here's the source Code:

If you are interest, you can use it freely, and even sell game with.
- add in the credit "original engine from Laurent Goethals (Andreil Game)"
- add me in the graphic part if you use some graphics.
- tell me what you've done!

What the engine have:
- map generator + Mini map (several size and map options)
- fog of war
- Peasant AI (fight + gathering)
- Evolution of the peasant (bowmen / warrior / barbarian)
- Building and evolution of a building.
It's all for now. (No campaign for now)

I'm not sure when I will make a new version, not before months ^^.
As it's a big project, it’s better for me to make a lot of pause.
Like that each time I rework, I improve the engine a little.

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